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Who We Are...

Artifax Seating & Design is a full service design, and supply company. We posses a
unique ability to execute
custom design at "package" design prices because we are also
the factory representatives for the seating and
millwork manufacturers. This allows you
to achieve factory direct pricing! Others can not offer our price level,
or our
personalized service and high attention to detail. Our designers have practical
real world restaurant
management experience and therefore will best
understand you and your customers needs.

We Provide the Finest Quality, Most Durable Products at Competitive Prices!

While other house designers utilize standardized manufactured products, Artifax provides
custom high quality products built just for YOUR needs! We have the creative ability
to transform your interior to an atmosphere that keeps your customers coming
back again and again!   WE design around YOU, not what is in a catalog! Our restaurant
furniture is the absolute best quality in the none!

We Have Prices You Can Afford!

Our team can work within virtually any budget to develop a new concept, or to
revitalize your existing restaurant. The restaurant industry is very competitive,
customers have many choices. Why not make yours stand out from the crowd!
We take pride in our ability to help you achieve your goal of increased traffic,
and higher sales. Our designs pay for themselves!

A Full Service Team Means Value!

We understand that your time is valuable.  You have a business to run.  You also have a
budget to stay within...and your competitor is attracting YOUR potential customers. 
We understand!  Our team looks at your project as if it was their own. 
We start by studying your goals and your existing potential customer base. 
Then we create an environment that will attract them, and we can even design
a custom brand logo as well.

A One Stop Shop!

Our team can offer everything from brand development, graphics, digital artwork,
CAD drawings and even renderings. Our design packages are multi tiered so
they can best fit YOUR needs. Through our partners in the industry, we can even help you
to achieve the best pricing for the kitchen equipment. We strive to be your one stop shop!
That saves you time....and money!

See What We've Done!

Click to see larger picture, Project: Beverly H. Diner, Moscow, Russia

Exterior parking lot themed area of the Beverly Hills Diner 2, Moscow Russia, featuring custom car booths (yes those are real cars!) and neon wrapped drive in style canopy.

Click on the picture for a larger view.
Project: Beverly Hills Diner II, Moscow, Russia

Click to see larger picture: Project: Beverly H. Diner, Moscow, Russia

Interior of the Beverly Hills Diner 2, Moscow Russia. The design features Artifax supplied authentic metal ceiling panels, wood style composite plank floors, and features retro styled furniture including Boomerang laminate tops from Chicago Booth.

Click on the picture for a larger view.
 Project: Beverly Hills Diner II, Moscow, Russia

We represent Chicago Booth and offer factory direct pricing as part of our
Complete Restaurant Interior Package!

Click to see larger picture, Project: Beverly H. Diner, Moscow, Russia

Custom designed and supplied metal diner wall and simulated patio area separating the interior and exterior themed areas of the Beverly Hills Diner 2, Moscow Russia.

The state of the art design will make you question if you have really ever seen a REAL diner?

Click on the picture for a larger view.
Project: Beverly Hills Diner II, Moscow, Russia

See Daddys Diner in Tempare, Finland a project designed by Artifax Seating and Design.!

See a modern, rich look for a 300 seat high end steakhouse near Kansas City MO, a project completed in partnership with Artifax Seating and Design.!

We Stand Ready to Work With You!

Please give Artifax Seating & Design a call before your begin your project.
Allow us to show you the best in design, service and quality.....and value beyond compare!

    Contact Information:

     Larry Quick

     e-mail:   larry at

     (618) 365-4652

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